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Focused on Your Needs

Focused on Your Needs

We understand and respect:

Your Valuable Time.Happy Family 4 Premium Quality Home Inspection

That is why we developed the Two-Pass Home Inspection Process to minimize your time required on site while maximizing your understanding and comprehension of your home’s actual condition.

“Focused on

Your Needs”

First Pass

On the First Pass, your inspector goes through the home

Gathering Information.

This generally takes about three hours.  Larger homes take more time.   By

Not Rushing Through

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My home inspection was a great learning experience! Mr. Mobley took the time to explain potential problems found during the inspection and included detailed descriptions and pictures in the written report that helped me tremendously

Tina C

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your inspection, your inspector can be

Careful and Thorough.

Mobley Home Inspections’ home inspectors are always thorough!  We enjoy taking our time to carefully and thoroughly inspect your home. You are welcome to be there for the first pass if you want to be there.  However, you are not required to be, nor is it recommended that you attend the first pass unless you have other tasks you desire to conduct at the same time.

Second Pass

On the Second Pass, your inspector devotes:

100% of their Time &

100% of their Attention

To You!

You are encouraged to invite your Real Estate Agent, family members and anyone else you choose to accompany you, to join the inspector on the second pass through the home.  On this pass, your inspector will point out the highlights of the inspection.

The findings of the inspection are discussed in a show-and-tell, question-and-answer format. The goal here is to facilitate

Your Complete Understanding

Of the significant findings that will be recorded in your Hybrid Reporting System.

This is accomplished without wasting your precious time.

Questions are always welcome!

Your report is normally uploaded to your own password protected file on this site on the same day as your inspection.  On the rare occasion when we are unable to complete your report on the same day, we pledge to always have your report available within 24 hours after the completion of the inspection.  We invite you to examine our Sample Report. (Back)