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How Do I Choose a Home Inspector?


It is critical to Choose the Right Home Inspector for one of the most important decisions that you will ever make.  The emotional and financial investments are huge!  Choose a home inspector based on their Ability, Value and Experience.  Take the time to research any home inspection company you consider Happy Family! Premium Quality Home Inspection!hiring!

How to choose a Home Inspector?


Very carefully!


Ask Your Friends: 

One of thebest ways to find a Quality Home Inspection Company is to ask friends, relatives, or co-workers for their recommendations. Someone may have recently had an inspection performed. Ask them who they used and how their experience was. Would they recommend that inspector or suggest you look elsewhere? Your real estate agent may provide you with a list of inspectors.


Don’t just take your agent’s recommendation!

Real-estate agents often “recommend” inspectors to their clients.  But this may not necessarily serve you, the home buyer, well.  Remember the agent has a financial incentive for things to go well… a commission.  If the inspector relies on repeat business from the agent, then the inspector has incentive for things to go well too.  This could be disastrous for you.

Find the good Realtors who understand what it means to have you as their client.  The ones that know you are relying on them to watch out for your best interests.  These are the agents who are not afraid to refer inspector who will call out what they see.

Ask you agent the tough questions.  “Would you hire any of these to inspect your or your family’s home?”

Also, ask your agent or your friends that know, “Who are the deal-killers?”  “Which inspectors are too picky?”  In short, who’s the crusty old inspectors who have a reputation for messing up deals because they find almost everything?  That’s the inspector you want.


Other resources:

These might include Facebook and Twitter, Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau, The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), and other online reviews and consumer protection organizations.

Now you have a list of candidates. What next?


Interview Them:

You are hiring an inspection company to do a job for you. You Are The Boss. A job interview just makes good sense.

While you are asking your questions, I suggest asking yourself this question as they give their answers. “Who is the inspector working for?” You are the client. As their client, the service provider has a moral and legal obligation to watch out for your best interests. You are relying on them to protect your interest. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any good questions to ask a potential inspector to get this information. It will be more of an impression growing out of the conversation. It is important to make certain that your inspector is working for you, with no hidden agenda. An inspection company who understands and vocalizes the principle-agent relationship that will exist between you within their answers is always a good sign.


What Questions Should I Be Asking

Before I Hire a Home Inspector?

Do you want to know how to choose a Home Inspector?

Here are 11 suggested questions to ask:

Prewmium Quality Home Inspection Feedback form Tina CCan you provide references of inspections you have done in the past?

Ask your potential inspection company for a list of references or client testimonials. Contacting past clients can be a gold mine of information. Contacts with a little age to them may give a clue to the long-term durability and accuracy of the findings of the report.


Are You licensed?

Before you hire a home inspector, make sure that they are properly licensed. You want to make sure that the license is in good standing and the inspector has met all of the educational and insurance requirements to maintain their license.


Are you fully insured?

Find out what type of insurance and the carrier. What is the minimum required? How much do they carry?

What are your Experience, Background and Education? Premium Quality Home Inspector inspecting home

Ask prospective inspectors about their experience when you are interviewing them. Direct, “hands-on” experience in building is one of the most important criteria to look for. It is important to choose an inspector who has home construction experience from the ground up. Experience and involved in all facets of the installation, maintenance and layout of the systems and components that they will be inspecting give that inspector an edge you want and need.


How long does it take you to inspect a home?

Duration speaks volumes!  A rushed home inspection is probably less than thorough.  Ask the inspector about the average duration of their inspections. A question to ask yourself is, “Do they just do the minimum required to meet the standards?” A thorough inspection takes time. Many inspectors will do an outstanding job and go above and beyond the standards in order to protect the interests of their clients.


Can I attend the Inspection?

It is a good sign when your inspector encourages you to be there for the inspection. There is no substitute for the information and insight that you may gain from an on-site discussion of the home. This is above and beyond the standards. In addition, it often adds significant value and protection for you.


Can I call you if I have any questions after the inspection or after I receive my report?

This is another closely related customer service question that is very important. Again, this is above and beyond the standards. Moreover, it adds significant your peace of mind.


What professional associations are you involved in?

It is a good sign when aninspection company is actively involved in nationally recognized professional organizations that promote customer protection, sound business ethics, and excellence of service.


Can I see a sample Home Inspection Report?

TheLevel of detail offered in the report is very important. It needs to be easy to read and understand. Request a link to or a copy of a sample report to make sure it is detailed and easily understood. Many quality inspection companies have a sample report that you can view online.

As a general rule checklist style home inspection reports are not as detailed and may not provide adequate information to make an informed decision. A detailed narrative report with pictures allows for greater detail about the conditions that exist in the home.


When and how can I expect the Report to be delivered?

Be sure the delivery mode and timing meets your needs. Many quality inspection companies offer online web based delivery options. Look for reports that are be able to be quickly and easily send it to all parties involved. Happy Family with Home Inspection form Mobley Home Inspections


How much do you charge for your services?

This question is the last on the list for a reason. It is a very valid question. However, it is possibly the least important one. The national average fee for a home inspection is about $350-$500. However, the information you received from a premium quality inspector is priceless. In Arkansas, we have seen slightly lower rates than this.

Are you bargain hunting for the Home Inspection service? Do you really want someone who will do the job for the least amount of money? Is this the wisest investment of your money? Usually, the best inspectors are not the cheapest. Do you want to save money? The cheapest inspector may not be the best way to go. A thorough, comprehensive and experienced home inspection service is the best value for your money. The best companies usually charge more for their services. Just Think About It. Is a premium quality inspection worth more? You may find that many of the better inspection companies charge more for their service now… but, in the end, they usually up costing you less… later! Most of the time, you get what you pay for. It just doesn’t make sense to skimp on the inspection in order to save a few dollars.


Additional Considerations:

In addition to the above question to ask the inspector during your How to choose a Home Inspector interview, there are other thing to look at and consider.


Review their advertizing:

Watch out for potential conflict of interests. If your inspector was referred to you by a real estate agent, then look at their other advertising. Is the company investing in reaching potential clients through other advertising media? Not investing in their business advertising may be a red flag.


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