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Satisfaction Guarantee

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See Terms & Conditions for the complete details.

The Premium Pre-Purchase Inspection

Includes Our



Money Back





Within 3 Days,

If  you are not Completely Satisfied with the:

  • Quality, Breadth and Depth

  • The Timeliness of our Service

  • The Extensiveness and Thoroughness of the Inspection

  • The Clarity, Precision and Readability of your Report

  • or How You Were Treated by Our Team



Simply “Return” your “Unused” Report

For a Full 100% Refund*.


Because you deserve…


Peace of Mind…   Guaranteed!



“Return” is defined as destroying any and all copies of the Report in your possession and requiring the same from anyone to whom you shared the Report with.  Additionally, you agree to deem the Inspection as having never taken place and the Report as having never existed.

“Unused” is defined as unused for any purpose.  This includes the preparation of any documents to further the home buying process, including but not limited to documents like the Inspection, Repair and Survey Addendum.   Furthermore, this means you will not rely on or use any of the information and findings incorporated within the Report or discussed during your After Inspection Walk Through in any manner or for any purpose.


*Please see our Terms & Conditions for the complete details.

Limitations and Restrictions do apply.